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The Right Brands in the Right Hands™

Cardpool is a premier gift card exchange that buys unwanted gift cards and places them into the hands of the people who love those brands. We were founded in 2009, which not only makes us the longest standing gift card exchange space, but also industry leaders. That experience and expertise allows us to attract and retain hundreds of thousands of shoppers who use our website and app daily to buy discounted gift cards.

Some brands think the only way to save money is to discount their products, but for Cardpool saving money is about turning branded currency into a store visit and increasing overspend. We’ve been working with some of the top retailers in the U.S. and throughout the world to change the conversation from marking prices down to getting the right brands in the right hands™. Finding the right customer for the right brand reinforces brand loyalty, while also helping brands realize a profit from motivated buyers who typically spend their discounted gift cards within hours or days of purchase.

However, it’s not just about spending the value of the gift card. Did you know the average consumer actually spends 20 percent more than the value of their gift card? And that number is even higher for Cardpool customers. This means the discounted gift cards provide immediate, short term revenue gains, as well as serve as a promotional tool to bring traffic to your physical store and online locations.

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