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No problems so far 30+ transactions

I have purchased over 30 gift cards thus far and not had an issue. Always worked, and always the correct amount. Plasic cards arrive generally in 3 business days at my location, electronic within minutes. They did call to verify info and ask about a cross street the first time, but that's the only call I got. I think that is good...I'd rather have the security. -gman

Trusted Gift Card Seller

Trusted Gift Card Seller. I am a long term customer and not experienced any issues. -Charles Brown

Fantastic - a great experience. I would recommend this company!

I have had a wonderful experience with rhis company. It has lived up to my expectations and more. -Rose

Always reliable

I have ordered a number of times and every card has worked perfectly. I recommend Cardpool. -Mary


What's not to love? Gift cards at a discount, with no shipping?! -CF

I Save

Cardpool saves me money every time. -Val

Great experience!

So glad we could purchase at a discount from you. -Liz

Good deals

I had good experiences with cardpool. However, I noticed the number of deals become less and the the deals become less attractive lately. You can still find good deals though. -Lee

Reliable Site

Very reliable site. The delivery time on electronic cards is extremely fast, within minutes it will be in your wallet. Gift cards such as Starbucks still allowed me to add the card to my starbucks account just like any other card! -Gabriella

Super easy- great savings!

I just wait to make my purchase (in store or on-line) after I get my discounted gift cards from Cardpool! I have also sold back gift cards that i would not use, and that was an easy process too! -Shelley


It was fine. For some reason I was sent several emails at once, only one of which had the gift card, which I managed to not see, while there was another one that merely said my order had shipped. -Stephen

Excellent Gift Card Deals

Card pool is awesome and I have saved quite a bit of money buying discounted gift cards thru them and they are shipped right away without any hassle. This is a legit business and there is no comparison to those other bogus gift card places that ripped me off in the past. Thanks to cardpool! -nicki

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