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I sold my $50 footlocker gift card and…

Update: I received a msg bbsck shortly after this review and they were able to give me my amazon gift card with no problem. Good service, but next time if you have problems just leave a message here. sold my $50 footlocker gift card and it said within a day and I still have not gotten an nothing. My offer is 38446780 And after reading these reviews I feel like I’ll never get my amazon gift card back I’ll update my review if I get my giftcard -Mark kamel

It works

UPDATE:They quickly rectified the problem. Thank you! _____________________________________ haven't been paid yet for selling a giftcard, this company smells like a scam to me Transaction #38448639 -Cameron Weber

No way of communication for gift card issue

I have purchased a $200 gift card in March, but it shows ZERO balance when I try to use it in May. I have contacted them through email which is their only contact way. After immediate auto reply, no further answer any more. What I can do is to contact my credit card company to dispute this transaction. Very very bad company to solve the problem!! I got reply from requesting order #, but I do not know how to reply? Order# is 37070365 That is a quick response and problem solving, so I changed my review score and will keep buying gift card through Cardpool. I didn’t change from 1 star to 5 star because why the communication works only through trustpilot but not from support? -James He

Got the gift card after posting the review

I visited Cardpool kiosk and was told to submit the request online citing some error in my gift card. I submitted my transaction 38392826 four days ago. It has been in review since then. Tried to contact customer service and have not heard anything yet. No number to call. Feels like I have been scammed. Updated received the gift card after posting the review. Thank you Taylor for helping me out. I would appreciate if the response on email is also this prompt. -Krishna Vinita

Arrived quickly

Arrived quickly, haven't used but amount appears to be correct -D Albert

Not my favorite experience, but it worked.

I was very skeptical. I sent in a gift card, which theoretically arrived a few days after I brought it to my local USPS office, so I knew that it had arrived, but I got no response and I thought I was just not going to get my payment because I wouldn't be able to prove that they received it. Two weeks later, after sending a message to support (which may or may not have made any difference) I finally got an email saying my card was received and is being processed. A few hours after that I got a valid Amazon gift card in my inbox. Considering how fast snail mail really is, this should've only taken a few days, so I'm wholly unimpressed. They did hold up their end of the bargain, though, which is really all that matters. If you're looking for a fast trade, I'd look elsewhere. If you're just looking for a trade, I'd recommend - the buyback price is fair. -Julia G

Slow response and payment time

Traded in six gift cards for an Amazon gift card on Saturday June 1st. Received an email confirming my transaction, but never received the Amazon gift card. Would score higher if I received my payment in a timely manner, as the rates did seem fair. (Transaction #38294910) Edit: Received my Amazon gift card after posting this review. Thank you, Taylor! -Chloe Balzer

Usually they will send you the gift…

Usually they will send you the gift card in 1-2 business days. Once it took me a week's time. Support team was not much forthcoming.So I found contact for Taylor Ferguson and when I emailed her, she actioned the same right away. Awesome customer service by Taylor!!! -Sandeep

Great service and very timely!gift card

Great service and very timely! -Happy 55

Kept me notified about delivery.

Kept me notified about delivery. -customer

Improvement are in the works for sure. Thank you.

I've been a customer for several years. Like everyone else I too ran into issues since Feb... etc etc. HOWEVER!! This morning I figured I do actually miss buying cards and saving money from cardpool. So, I placed an order for 3 D&D eCards. Order #38022101. The eCards arrived after 3 business hours. Outstanding! Thank you. Let's keep this level of excellence. Fred Fred -Fred

Benefit of the doubt..

Well reading all the reviews after the fact of using Cardpool, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, but now it having been 05/07/2019 since my gift card has been in review, it's a bit disappointing. Offer# 37842512, and emailing them just gets an automated reply that they'll get back to you in the order it was received. I just want my issue resolved. **Edit: Not 30 min after I posted this,I got a reply and my order was processed, Thanks to Taylor on the quick reply and helpfulness. Taylor you're doing a great job and I appreciate the helpfulness!! -Meghan McRae

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