Sell your gift cards for cash — near you

Sell gift cards for cash with cashier at local grocery and department stores.

Cashier-assisted Locations

Get paid for your gift cards at your local grocery, financial center, or department store.

Sell gift cards for cash at a local Cardpool gift card kiosk.

Kiosk Locations

Get paid for your gift cards from a kiosk near you.

Here’s how gift card exchange works

  1. Bring your gift card(s), and ID*

    We accept gift cards from over 150 well-known stores. Click here to view a list of gift cards accepted at a location near you.
  2. Accept your offer

    Accept a cash or gift card offer at your local store or kiosk location.
  3. Walk out with cash!

    Get paid in cash, or a gift card.

*To prevent fraud, we need you to verify some information for us. Please bring the following items to the exchange location to perform a transaction and to redeem your voucher during your store’s customer service hours:

Mobile number | Driver’s license or valid state-issued ID | Credit/Debit card | Email address